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Get a Free Quote On Your Project

Since assignments are different in terms of length, urgency and complexity, we’ve come up with a simple form to calculate the pricing for each assignment. Here’s how you can get a free quote on your project.

Your Academic Level

The first thing you need to select on the custom quotation page is your academic level. We’ve 4 options: University, College, Masters & PhD.




Your Deadline

Next, we’ll need to know your deadline. Please note, where possible it’s best not to give the exact deadline to allow yourself time to look through the paper before submission.

Example, if you have a 2 days deadline, it’s best to indicate the paper as being due in 1 day. 


Project Length

Next, indicate the project length. 

If an assignment requires you to write 500 words, that’s 2 pages. Since a single academic page formatted as double spaced is equivalent of 250 – 275 words.




Required Spacing

It’s important to indicate what kind of spacing your project requires as it will determine the number of words written.

Some projects will require single spacing while others will require double spacing. Please be sure to indicate what kind of spacing your project requires.


Writer Category

You can either choose: Best Available, Top Writer or Premium Writer.

For most projects, Best Available writer will do. However, if you have a tough project or a strict Professor who’s tough on grading, it’s probably best to go with either Top Writer or Premium Writer.




Price Breakdown

Once you have the academic level, your deadline, number of pages, double/single spaced options checked appropriately, your price breakdown will appear on the top right.

If you have a discount code, you can input it here and click on Apply before proceeding with the next step which is previewing your assignments instructions and checkout.



* Before you click submit order, make sure we have everything we need to work on your paper. This might include: a grading rubric, an assignment template, additional resource documents, or special instructions from your Prof.

* Even though we offer 2 hours, 3 hours and 6 hours deadline, it’s not meant for long papers that require a lot of research. Ideally a short deadline is best suited for small papers such as discussion boards, outlines etc.

* If your paper is a follow up of previous assignments, it’s best if you send us the previous papers you’ve already completed so we can follow up with the same writing style, topic etc.

* If our writers are busy with other assignments and thus unable to meet your deadline, we’ll let you know so you can grant us an extension or give a full refund where an extension is not possible.

* If you have a special project with a lot of moving parts – documents, resources, templates etc, please reach out to our live chat team here.



Having Trouble With This Process?

Send us your assignment instructions at support@essaynook.com and we’ll give you a custom quote right away. Alternatively, you can talk to our live chat team.