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Is it possible for citizens of any country to survive as a true communist without any bit of capitalism or socialism?

November 27, 2022
Christopher R. Teeple

In this discussion, you will grapple with definitions of different political structures. Remember, you are only touching the surface when you get definitions. You have already learned in this course (Module 1) that the denotation of a concept is different from its connotation. Two web sites are immediately useful (see below). Please find others that inform your discussion.

Pose a question for the class about these different political systems that you think is informed, at least in part, by the material in this course. Make it reflective so it requires some integration of thought.

Defining Capitalism, Communism, Fascism, Socialism

The Principles of Communism by Frederick Engels, 1847

Please Note: Each discussion response must have a minimum of 125 words, spell checked, well written and citing references in support of arguments. Be sure to also respond to at least two classmates later in the week (making for a minimum of three posts total. More are encouraged)

The world has been operated and fed via Capitalism, Communism, Fascism, or Socialism. Some countries embraced one or all the above political systems. The one which resonates with me is the communism because it’s the system that at first glance, seems to benefit the individual citizen the most. Communism refers to community ownership of property, with the end goal being complete social equality via economic equality. Communism argues that all labor belongs to the individual laborer; no man can own another man’s body, and therefore each man owns his own labor (Shaw, 2020). It would be ideal for all of us to live by communism, but could we survive?! Today communism is the official form of government in only five countries: China, North Korea, Laos, Cuba, and Vietnam. However, none of these meet the true definition of communism. Instead, they can be said to be in a transitional stage between the end of capitalism and the establishment of communism (Ball, 2022).

Capitalism is built on the concepts of private property, profit motive, and market competition (Boettke, 2022). Socialism refers to state ownership of common property, or state ownership of the means of production. A purely socialist state would be one in which the state owns and operates the means of production. However, nearly all modern capitalist countries combine socialism and capitalism (Shaw, 2020).

Is it possible for citizens of any country to survive as a true communist without any bit of capitalism or socialism? What would life look like for these citizens?


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Over the years and centries among the world, economic systems have evolved as society has grown.

In the 1830s capiltalism and socialism were first introduced, leaving behind mercantalism in Great Britan, “The word capitalism was a product of the changing economy of Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution,” (Resor, 2022). This meant the government didnt have a say in production or distribution of goods, but the “free market” did. In the same year, socialism was also introduced, ” Socialism held that groups of people should own and regulate the economy for the benefit of all the members, not just a few,” (Resor, 2022). Socialism relied on the government to produce and distribute goods, instead of individuals. Communism was introduced in the 1840s, “to describe a system of collective ownership in which individuals did not own private property and worked together for the benefit of all community members,” (Resor, 2022). Communism is geared towards “complete social equality via economic equality” (404 – University of Idaho, n.d.), aiming towards the entire country towards one communal goal. Fascism is the more aggressive economical system and is described as “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism,” (Resor, 2022). Economic and capital equality is not something fascists stand for and they dont belive that change can be made by any population and that it is just fate.

Since thesse econimic systems do vary in many ways, we are left ot belive they are inherently different, but perhaps they may have some form of shared ideal. Do you believe that any of the different economical systems have any common ground in relation to how they treat their populations?

Work cited

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