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How do you evaluate Shell’s progress in diversity and inclusion to date?

May 28, 2021
Christopher R. Teeple

I’m working on a case studies multi-part question and need a reference to help me learn.SHELL DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION CASEThese are the questions you need to answer. Use the questions as an organizing device (repeat each verbatim or summarize what the question is asking for). This approach helps you organize your paper AND assures you and me that you are answering the right question.CASE QUESTIONS

1.The case study opens in 2009 (during the Great Recession). How do you evaluate Shell’s progress in diversity and inclusion to date?

2.What do the terms “best”, “merit” and “fair” mean in the context of diversity and inclusion?

3.How compelling is Shell’s business case for diversity and inclusion? If you are a business leader, what are your obligations with respect to building a compelling business case?

4.As CEO Voser, how are you going to handle the restructuring?

5.What did this case teach you about how managers and corporations compose their workforce?

6.Using the case as your input, what are the elements of a systemic approach to diversity and inclusion?

7.What are the leadership challenges involved in managing differences?

8.As you look back on the case, what are the actions within the case that support or demean fair treatment, respect, diversity and inclusion?

9.What is Shell doing today about diversity and inclusion? There are many areas that Shell is involved with. Pick one: race, women, LGBT, disabilities, maternity leave? ( Diversity and inclusion | Shell Global) –Why Diversity Gives Businesses A Competitive Advantage (forbes.com)RACE, ETHNICITY180 Black-Owned Businesses to Support 2020 | The Strategist | New York Magazine (nymag.com)Why EY’s Entrepreneurs Access Network could have real impact on Black, Latinx founders in N.J. | ROI-NJ (roi-nj.com)Nearly Half of All Fortune 500 Companies Were Founded By Immigrants or Their Children, Study Finds (newsweek.com)WOMENA record number of women are Fortune 500 CEOs — but they still make up less than 8% of the list – CNNTRANSGENDERWhat Happened When a CEO Came Out as Transgender – WSJ
Requirements: 1200 words with citation

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