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Do the different animals move indifferent ways?

June 10, 2021
Christopher R. Teeple

We will be simulating life in Yebble Country, in the South-West of Western Australia. Thearea includes native and introduced animals, a selection of which you will be researchingand modelling – each with their own behaviour and interaction rules. You must choose atleast three native animals and at least one introduced predator, along with food items, inyour model.You will be given some sample code, simulating the population using arrays. For theassignment, you will convert the code to model the fauna using objects, and to add featuresto the simulation (e.g. more functionality, statistics, graphics, parameter sweeps). Your taskis to extend the code and then conduct an experiment, varying the input parameters, to seehow they impact the overall simulation.The required extensions are:1. Object Behaviour: Extend to have the fauna represented as objects. Each type ofobject will have its own behaviour(s). This should be implemented via the object’smethods and attributes.Prompts: Are they always moving? Do they sleep? When do they sleep?2. Movement: Movement should vary by animal and needs to be constrained to thespace. The Base code movement is highly unrealistic.Prompts: Consider how they might move, e.g. Do the different animals move indifferent ways? Are they always active, or does time of day have an impact?3. Collisions: The animals are moving in a two dimensional space. Your code shouldrecognise when collisions occur and respond accordingly.Prompts: How do you recognise a collision? Add rules as to what happens whendifferent combinations of animals collide. Your simulation should also includemechanisms for reproduction and death within the populations – probably related tocertain collisions.24. Boundaries and Territories: Enhance the rectangular grid with boundaries andindividual animal territories to restrict movement (not just randomly moving over grid).Prompts: How “far” can they move from their “home”? Do they need to return home?5. Food/Water: You should model food/water source(s) and their affect on the animals.Prompts: Are they continuous, or do they need time to regrow?6. Visualisation: Enhance the display for the simulation to vary the representation ofanimals and the area they move in. You should display statistics for the simulationand also be able to save the simulation state as a plot image or a csv file.Prompts: How will you differentiate the animals? Are they the same throughout thesimulation? You may choose an “image” representation, to improve on usingcoloured dots.Note: The program should allow command line arguments to control the parameters of theexperiment/simulation.

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